Throughout my time as a college student, I have come to realize my fascination of knowledge. This fascination seems a bit obsessive at times, in that I am usually not fully satisfied by simply applying seemingly arbitrary ideas to given problems, but rather crave a deeper understanding of underlying concepts. Looking back to my high school career, I feel that I was not as deeply invested in my coursework, and did not feel a truly dedication to what I was studying because I had no choice. I attended a small, public school in which anyone that was serious about academics took the same honors and AP courses, and stayed on the same track. For a long time as a student, I had been wasting my energy on topics that did not really interest me – until university.

Coming to Johns Hopkins has allowed me to fully invest my time in what I love – engineering and music. The main aspect that drew me to Baltimore was the connection between Hopkins and the Peabody Institute, one of the leading music conservatories in the nation. Here, I have been pursuing my musical and academic interests in the Dual Degree Program, and I could not be happier. Of course, juggling two degrees is not too easy, and I often get questions as to how I can handle all of my course work. My response usually comes in the form – I love and enjoy what I do. Although this seems a bit cliché, it is truly what I believe – if I wasn’t totally enjoying myself (in general, some days are tough), I would not bother myself with the added work and stress. Along with the diverse variety of courses available, student groups and organizations offer meaningful ways to interact with people that are driven my similar passions as you. Finally, one of the most liberating, and at the same time dangerous, aspects of college is the freedom you are given as a student. Outside of time spent in class, which is not even mandatory (although highly suggested), you can structure your day to however you would like. Of course, this freedom comes at a price – we must always be responsible as to how we manage ourselves. Instead of being stuck at school from 8am to 3:30pm, you can work on personal projects, meet with classmates and discuss assignments, take up an on campus job, exercise and stay fit, the list goes on and on. Thus, the aspect that I love most about being at university is the ability to learn freely.

At times, things can get a bit overwhelming, but everything is totally worth it. The immersion in whatever field you choose to study is very inspiring, and will drive you to work hard to achieve your goals.

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