College tuition. This is a subject, that many people get mixed feelings about, and who wouldn’t when every year a college education increases? As a student, one of your main priorities is your studies, so of course thinking about money is just extra things you don’t want to think about. My experience with FAFSA, has been nothing but smooth. I was fortunate to go to a college bound school that offered me the resources through workshops, and guidance counselors to help me fill out important documentation such as this one. However, I have several friends that did not have the same as me, and here is some advice for you. SEEK FOR HELP in every way possible, the internet is your friend, TRUST ME. One click and you’re off to learn about your finances ! Also, your counselors and even the district itself may sometimes offer workshops that can help you. Of course, ask someone older, that is or has gone to college, because they are a major resource to you and for the years to come. As a freshman in college, I quickly adjusted to the FAFSA process, because of the great amount of support I got from it as a senior in high school. The financial aid office is a great place on campus, because they truly let you know what goes in and out of your account and can let you know about scholarships as well. Lastly, tuition can be stressful to think about it, but you are not alone! Don’t handle this college process alone, as a first generation the best skill to acquire is self-advocation, because through this anything can be possible if you voice yourself.