Last week marked the beginning of my last semester of college. In a few short months, I will be walking across that graduation stage to accept my degree… my college degree! This all seems so surreal. It’s like I’ve been staring in the distance at a dream that just gets closer and closer to becoming my reality.

It was just yesterday (wasn’t it?) that I was stressing about how to complete the Common App and the QuestBridge applications or confused as to what all the questions on the FAFSA application even meant. Better yet, it seems not so long ago that I was overwhelmed with that life-changing decision of where I would spend these last four years. But four years later, here I am reminiscing on those moments and looking forward to the next steps I’ll take in life.

I am encouraged by these feats and obstacles that I have overcome up to this point on my journey knowing that whatever obstacles lie ahead will be overcome just the same. In fact, I am excited to see just where this life will lead and anxious for all of the experiences that are in store for my future. All of the unknowns, doubts, and insecurities that troubled me before college seem so small now. This reassures me that these new worries and uncertainties will one day be just as minute.

So wherever you find yourself on this journey, be encouraged. You will one day reach the other side of this stress, concern, doubts you have now for your future and from that side none of these things seem so great and unachievable. Continue to face them in courage and confidence and you will make it through. For me, there were definitely times when doing this was not so easy. But I can honestly say that every time I continued to fight and move forward one step at a time, I successfully made it through. And I believe, I know that you will, too.