I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas!!! Holidays are kind of my thing, excuse my excitement. The time has flown by this semester incredibly fast. I spent November frazzled and out of my mind trying to finish all of my assignments early, so forgive me.

These first 2-3 weeks of December are the dreaded finals week. It hasn’t been too bad for me personally (whew!) but I have seen the toll it has taken on my suitemates (staying up until 3 in the morning for Chemistry? No thank you!) and I am so incredibly thankful I haven’t had that experience just yet. I was able to opt out of one final, I’ve already completed an exam, and have one more to go with 2 essays. Definitely not bad.

As strange as it sounds, I cannot wait to come back. This break is very much appreciated, don’t get me wrong, but it starts to feel like home after a while. I’m hoping that next semester will go as smoothly as this one did (academically speaking) because that would be really helpful.

Happy holidays from me to you and your loved ones! Enjoy your Christmas and New Years and remember to stay safe!