Living in Boston I am lucky enough to get the full Fall season experience with the changing of colors in the leaves and the crisp air that accompanies it. This time of the year is prime for exploring more of my campus as well as the city before the snow keeps me locked in my dorm until Spring. It is so amazing to me all that you find on campus when you take a route to class you would not normally take: the hidden picnic tables, quiet study spots, and peaceful walkways. Although exploring my campus is always fun, I most enjoy exploring the city of Boston – especially in the Fall! My favorite is the beautiful parks that offer seats to prime views of the skyline. Nothing beats reading with some fresh air and Vitamin D! On the rainier days I enjoy occupying a space in the local coffee shops for the day, taking in the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee while finishing up studying for midterms. No matter what though, it is most important to make sure that you reserve some time to yourself throughout your studies! While in that coffee shop maybe put your books away and invite a friend to join you for a lunch break. It is crucial to balance a social life with academics for your own sanity – and it is very possible as well! Be more productive with the time you do need to study and you will find that you have that extra chunk of time at the end of your day to go hang out with friends or even see a movie! Whatever may be your favorite thing to do, go and do it while the weather is still nice!