College applications are nearing Early Decision and Early Action! This means that fly-in opportunities are opening up for high school seniors. These are the chances to take on these opportunities to visit the schools that you are considering, want to visit, or have never thought of. Fly-in visits are so essential to your college decision because it is the “vibe” or the feeling that you get that helps determine which college you will commit to.

I had the opportunity to attend a fly-in visit to a selective college in New York, New York. Before my visit, I thought that I would like the school because it was located in New York, where many opportunities were available. However, after visiting, I found myself disliking the school’s campus, and found it hard to see myself there for the next four years of my life. Although this was a really fun experience, it taught me about what I really want by allowing me to see what I don’t want.

My second fly-in visit was to Colorado College, a school I had never thought about applying. The school offered to fly-in my dad and me, which made this experience unique, During my visit, the students I was with took the initiative to get to know me more, something that rarely happened at campus visits as a prospective student. While I was there, I toured the campus and Colorado Springs, attended a financial aid workshop, asked students questions regarding the school, slept overnight on campus, attended a class, and went in for an interview. After this positive experience, I was convinced that I could see myself there because I “felt” like this was my school. Thus, I followed with Early Action. It was because of this fly-in visit that I committed to Colorado College. Without this opportunity, I would of never knew what greatness was out there for me.

So explore! Take risks and visit schools of your interests and schools that you’ve never thought of. You don’t know, there are so many possibilities out there. You may end up committing to a school you had never knew of, just like I didn’t knew about Colorado College, because of your fly-in experience.