In high school I was always told that the hardest part about college wasn’t having too little time, it was having too much. I look at that and laugh. What time?! The homework load seems so overwhelming at times. Whenever I don’t have any pressing assignments I think to myself, “This can’t be right… I must have SOMETHING to do!” because if something isn’t due that day, then I must have some sort of studying to do.

To keep it all in order, because I’m pretty sure I have some sort of memory loss, I use a combination of my planner, sticky notes, and the memos app on my phone. I use my planner to put all my dates in for the month and upcoming months while my sticky notes and memos tell me what must be done this week and next. It definitely helps to know what I will be expecting for the semester and also the more pressing matters. Unfortunately I have been unable to join clubs this semester because UH is a bit expensive when it comes to membership fees and I am trying to master juggling my classes before I take on any more responsibility. If I was involved though, I would do the same thing and put all the events in my planner and put the upcoming events on my sticky notes/memos and plan accordingly.

I am definitely one of those people who does not enjoy being bombarded with busyness (those people exist, surprising, right?) and I have a little bit of a meltdown if I’m unable to get some solid me-time. To avoid any inner catastrophes, I will take about an hour or two just for myself. Whether it be watching some videos, catching up on my shows, etc. I will take just a couple hours to unwind and then get back to my assignments. It helps to make me feel less overwhelmed and relaxed.

Time management is an incredibly important skill to learn for college. The earlier you start perfecting it, the easier your time will be when you get to college. It will help in not raising your stress level if you already know how to utilize your time wisely.

Until next time,