It’s a bit surreal to think that one click controls the direction your life will take, sending you to either soaring in ecstasy to your dream or plummeting downward into uncertainty. This one click represents years of preparation, months of refinement, and hours upon hours of stress. The click opens a portal to your future, a decision that has consumed your mind for an unhealthy amount of time. For myself, I was so worried of my results that I seemed to rather not know the decision rather than risk rejection. However, one does not simply stay in this state of limbo, and eventually must reveal their destiny. Whatever the result is, rest assured, things will work out.

Although every school offers varied benefits, and the allure of a prestigious reputation is quite addictive, your college experience really boils down to one simple fact—education is what you make of it. Attending the Ivy League does not translate into immediately being a genius, as attending a local community college does imply that you are any less than someone attending a private university. With the right mindset, a seemingly lower tier school can offer an education on par with the greatest universities of the world. Any education is wasted in a sense if the resources offered by a college or university are not exhausted. The information taught in lectures and classes is available in books and via the internet to anyone. The real benefit that a college degree brings is the opportunity to meet new and inspiring people, interact with professors and professionals pursuing what you wish to pursue, and network with colleagues that may become your future coworkers.

In addition, remember that this decision does not need to be the ultimate determinant of where you will study. If you are really set on a certain school, but were not fortunate to receive an acceptance letter, transferring is always an option. Admissions decisions are based on the institution’s opinion of whether or not you will be suited in their environment – take the rejection as a challenge to prove them wrong. Universities acknowledge a focused and determined drive to succeed, and want these types of students on their campus. Thus, if you prove that you can step up to the difficulties of secondary education and thrive, you could have another chance, perhaps even better, at your dream school.

Most importantly, feel comfortable when you make the click. I wanted to get away from my friends and see my results on my own, but it is a personal decision. Do not let someone else pressure you into revealing what you have worked so hard for if you do not feel at ease with them. Remember, if things do not work out as you would have wished, there will be plenty opportunities to improve, and you may find that what you once dismissed as a secondary option may be better than expected. If things do work out, congratulations! You deserve it! In either case, enjoy the last few months of high school life, and make memories to cherish and look back on when you have moved on to college.