When you first get to college you are mostly by yourself. After one month of being at college you have meet new people that you consider to be your friend(s). It’s great that you have meet people but you still need to have a guard up. I say this because as easy as they became your friend the easier they can leave. Always be open mined about people but never tell to much information that you do not want out about you. I’m not saying everyone will do this but you can never put it pasted a person. I have went through this situation this semester, and I shocked about it. I thought the person was my friend that I could trust and would be there  for me, but I guess not. Not trying to go into a lot of details. The advise I would give a person who is going to college this Fall semester is to be careful who hang around, and don’t trust everyone. I hope that this is helpful to future college students.