It’s now February, which means love, fondness and warmth is in the air! What better way to demonstrate your love and feelings than to write about it? ¬†College can have some bumps in the road, but can also offer an immense amount of amazing wonders. For one, I feel that what I love the most love about college is that you are put up to the test by being placed in a different environment. Being placed outside my comfort zone has helped me discover more about who I am and what I want to do in the future. Aside from this, I also have found a great group of friends that I truly can relate and be myself around. This Valentines Day, I would be spending the ‘day of love’ with of course, my amazing peers that don’t just put a smile on my face, but help me understand what it means to be a true friend. College is about putting yourself out there, and thanks to that, I have came across great people and opportunities!