For most high schoolers, managing their finance is the last thing on their mind if it is ever is at all. The only time I thought about budgeting was when I was deciding on the lunch I ate since for the most part my father managed my bank account. While knowing the value of money is important and how to save is as well, budgeting is something you’re not supposed to worry about in high school because your parents are the ones balancing checks. The first time I had to truly handle not only my own but my father’s expenses was when I was filling out the FAFSA and CSS Profile and I had to look through documents and his budget. For me, that was the worst part of the college process as a first generation applicant because I had to fill out the financial information by myself since no one could walk me through it. Luckily since I’m already in college I can just go to the Office of Financial Aid if I need any assistance. The other important financial factor I had to take into consideration once I made a decision was the gap my family was left to pay and how much I would receive from work study. Once I got my financial aid package from Boston College, I made my decision because the gap I would have to pay was slightly smaller and I received more in work study which I use to pay my tuition. Unfortunately, the real budgeting happens once you’re in college. Factor in textbooks, transportation to and from campus, social activities you might want partake, and things you may want to just buy, then the expenses begin to add up. I learned to have more restraint when it comes to my spending habit and to think of creative ways to minimize spending. For textbooks, I tend to buy almost all I need from amazon and try to rent as much as possible if I have to buy something from the bookstore, Since Boston College is Division I, I decided to work with the Athletics department as part of my work study job because I am a sports fanatic. Not only do I receive compensation and valuable experience, but I get access to every single sporting event for free as opposed to buying a student season pass. Choosing a college is relatively easy once you got your financial aid package because it is a matter of weighing the option of how much it’ll cost, Once you’re in college it’s a matter of tracking spending habits and finding ways to prevent yourself from spending too much.