Over the course of these past three years, I have realized that what I am most thankful for is being a first-generation college student. Being the first in my family to attend college has motivated me far more than anything else to achieve my goals in life. Although countless times I have felt devastated or broken down because of the quite noticeable wealth disparity that accompanies attending a private institution like BU, I have learned to channel that struggle into a more positive outlet that will help me accomplish my objectives.

Initially, I found the unquestionable wealth inequality at BU extremely agonizing, so much so, that I considered transferring out many times. But ultimately, with the support of my family and with my new appreciation of first-generation college student experience, I decided to remain at BU. Without a doubt, I am forever indebted to the endless support I receive from my family; but it is the strong connection I feel to the first generation college student identity that drives me, pushes me, and inspires me to achieve something much greater.

Because I AM a first-generation college student, I know that life is not always easy; things will never be handed down to you; and we must work twice as hard to meet our goals. But, at last, I am thankful for all the struggles I have faced because they have made me a stronger person. As a first generation-college student, I place so much value on education because I see it as the only possible solution to achieving that greatness which I spoke of earlier. And so, I am extremely grateful of my identity as a first-generation college student because when I am on the cusp of losing hope, this identity gives me the needed drive to do well and attain my goals.