As a first year student, adjusting to life on campus is not an easy process for most people who may have never been away from their family for an extended period of time. When I was applying to college, I purposely choose schools far enough in the Northeast that I could gain independence from my family and distance myself from the hustle and bustle of New York while being close enough to go home during breaks without breaking the bank. For me, going away wasn’t such a big deal since I’ve done summer programs at Block Island, Rhode Island and even Princeton University where I was away from my family for around two weeks. When I got into Boston College, I had to spend six weeks in the summer on campus taking classes as part of the scholarship program I am in. Even though I was never away from my family for more than two weeks, I wasn’t afraid and neither my father nor grandfather were breaking down in tears since I’ve been away before and was going for a good reason. However, communicating with my family has been sort of a challenge when I was on campus during the summer and even now during the school year because of the workload I’ve taken on. There were times I would forget to call my dad, who was receiving a million questions from co workers and family members how I was doing in BC, for nearly a week because I was so focus on work and trying to understand the nonsensical mystery called calculus that he would call me in order to yell at me for not calling him. During the week I spend the majority of my time in class or doing homework in the library. Even though I’m in the marching band, write for a campus newspaper, am in the residence council and co student advocate for my building, am involved in an African American culture club, and work on campus, I spend more time studying and doing work. I’ve told my father how hectic my schedule looks and his response is “That’s why you have a phone, a laptop, and facebook to instantly message me”. As consolation for the times I forget to call him, I went home to visit my dad during the Columbus day weekend and plan to come home for the winter break. Even if you call your parents all the time, it’s never a bad idea to go home and see them during breaks, especially when you’re tired of the dining hall food or am running low on your meal plan money. While you’re there it doesn’t hurt to visit your high school and talk to some of the students. When I go home for break I’m going to have a present for my Honors British Studies teacher and will stress the importance of teaching more kids calculus before going to college to some of the math teachers. While you may get lost in the allurious bubble of college or struggle to stay afloat under the amount of work , it doesn’t hurt to come up for air from time to time and give your parents a call or visit since they’re paying for you to attend a prestigious school like Boston College or whatever university you go to.