Okay, so once you start a new semester everything seems to be under control. You have arranged your time, you have been doing your work, you have been doing your readings. But what when something unexpected happens? Like… You get sick and you can’t make it to class or what’s even worse, you show up to class sick and are barely make it through? What do you do then? That’s exactly what I learned this semester.

At  the beginning, everything was going great and everything was on point… until I got sick. I never planned for an instance like that, but I knew I couldn’t afford to miss class (I sort of made a compromise with myself to attend every class until the end of the semester). And even though I have attended every class, I got off track. No worries, my grades are fine, but my routine got disrupted and it has been hard to get back on it.

Regardless of this circumstance, I have managed to do my work and turn it in on time. But that doesn’t mean that I have had the time to do the readings for my  classes (which is worrisome because I am missing important information). I’ve been able to handle most of the activities that I have going on, but it has gotten harder. I don’t know whether I am blaming it on my sickness or not, but ever since, I feel like I have been managing my time poorly. I am slowly getting back on track, but definitely it was easier at the beginning when I had no disruptions.

Essentially, what I learned through getting sick is that I need to be flexible with my schedule; I still need to try my hardest in every situation, but sometimes it will be reallyyyyy difficult to keep up! And ultimately, I learned that when we are trying our hardest to succeed, there will always be something that takes our focus off of what is important to us. Yet, as it is said…. we can either let it strengthen us or destroy us.

How do you address your college situations?



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