Looking back on freshman year I remember a very nervous, timid, and anxious Nahomi. Coming to such a big school was definitely something I was neither prepared for, nor expected. I think my biggest fear was not finding my own place, or sense of belonging, especially at such an overwhelming large university. I feared being too introverted would also hold me back from accomplishing all I could really do at BU. And yet, somehow I made it. I found MY VOICE in an overwhelming huge sea; but how? Although I think this transition is quite hard to express in words, I will do my best to do just that!

Without a doubt, my freshman year was my most difficult time at BU. Not only was the transition away from home worrisome, but not knowing what to major in, and focus on was even more troubling. I was so consumed by school, social, and financial anxiety that I seriously considered transferring out of BU and to a school closer to home. Though I cannot point to solely one reason that prevented me from leaving, I will say that having a large support network served as my outlet for stress management. I clearly remember speaking to my RA, my academic adviser, and my roommates often—this support base is what pulled me back, and actually kept me grounded at BU.

I cannot say that my sophomore year I had a complete turnaround and became this absolutely extroverted individual because that would be far from the truth. But I will say that my sophomore year I found my niche. I found the group of individuals that would become my closest friends throughout my college career.  Little by little I began to push myself past my limits, and try new things. I joined the World Affairs Forum, and added the coolest Egyptian chick I know to my friend group. I became a Dean’s Host, and instantly hit it off with the craziest Moroccan damsel I’ve ever met! And lastly, I joined the volleyball team, and immediately gained an entire new friend network.   

My junior year I became a Resident Assistant. This position changed everything. As an RA I realized how much I love helping people, and how much I love being attached to a specific community. Not only has the RA position expanded my worldview and helped me grow as an individual, but it has also made me realize that working closely with others, with a particular community is something that I would love to have as a profession. I suppose that is why I am so attracted to immigration law, and the idea of helping the immigrant community.

Finally, as a senior a new form of anxiety has dawned on me. The thought of graduating college to no job or specific track is extremely nerve-racking! I know that I will go to law school in the near future but until then, finding a job that suits my interests and helps me to continue learning and growing is an uneasy task.  Despite these anxieties, I know the future is bright because the similar anxieties I held as a freshman were pleasantly resolved with time. And so, I know that I will find my way to the top, one way or another.