Hello everyone, so I have been a college student for a few weeks! I am going to be honest the few weeks have been a little chaotic. As a first generation student, I had no idea what to expect and I was not told to expect. Some of the challenges I have had were; finding classes, managing time, and scheduling. It was challenging to adjust, but it get a lot easier when you start adopting habits to help you along the way.

First thing to do, find resources! Asking for help does not mean you’re inadequate in any way. There are people and organizations available, who actually want to help you! I myself have had tons of help with financial aid, time management, job applications, tutoring, studying and more. Talk to your advisor about these programs. I cannot stress how vital student support services can be.

Aside from education, take into account personal experiences of college. There is a little of culture shock, but you learn so much from this. Initially for me it took a while to connect with people, there are so many people to meet and a lot of them have the same values as you. My advice is to be open and do the things you enjoying with people who also enjoy these things. Clubs, study groups, and events are great ways to meet people. I hope this was helpful, feel free to email me if you have any questions!