Just as many seniors graduating soon, I have to complete a few milestones in order to graduate. One of these milestones is senior seminar. Senior sem is concentrated class where you get to explore a topic for the entire semester and present it at the end of the year in your major’s colloquium. This project takes the entire year to complete and can be really fun or really boring. The key is to pick a topic that you’re very interested in. Since I am a double major in both Religion and Sociology, I am required to do two senior seminars; thank goodness they are in two different semesters! For religion senior sen I’ve decided to explore Jewish Feminism. I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do yet, but at least I have a topic.

Oh, I’ve decided to write a paper that has to be 25 pages long.. Part of me feels that’s not a HUGE deal, but then I remember I’m a senior and I don’t want to do this at all.. I’d rather be in, lets say, Colorado hiking the mountains..


At least Halloween is around the corner…