Even though I just entered my first semester at Boston College, I spent mostly all of my summer on campus. I got into Boston College under a conditional award through a six week summer program called Options Through Education, or OTE for short. I spent my summer taking classes, going into the city of Boston, and on trips. We took rigorous math and English courses for credit, yet had time to go to Martha’s Vineyard, Six Flags, and other fun trips. I had so much fun eating food in the dining hall, hanging out with friends, and going into Boston that when I finally got back to New York City that I wanted to go back to Boston. When the program ended I stayed home for about a week until I had to go back to campus to move in early. Before I graduated, I joined Boston College’s  marching band because I wanted to try something different. I got to move in earlier for band camp and had an amazing time learning how to march. Band camp was pretty intense, but we had a lot of fun during camp. We got a lot of ice cream, played the most popular songs out today, and partied on a yacht in the Boston harbor.

I’ve had a jam packed summer full of great things, but the summer wasn’t all fun in the sun. Spending my summer in college taking classes meant that I couldn’t make any money working on a job. Also had to adjust with keeping in contact with family and friends. I became so caught up with classes and studying that my father had to call me on several occasions to just to see if I was okay. Being in OTE, I learned that time goes by fast in college and a simple conversation with friends can turn into hours of listening to music and laughing about the goofy things your roommates do.

Now that classes have begun, I realize how being involved makes a difference in the college experience. When I arrived for band camp I didn’t know what to expect. I had zero marching experience in high school and thought I wouldn’t be able to fit in, but I was welcomed with open arms by all 179 members of the band. I made a large group of friends in the band and even more friends among upperclassmen and people in my dorm. The first week of school I spent each night staying up late having fun with people all the country and across the globe. Last Friday there was a student involvement fair and I signed up for a bunch of different acapella groups, improv comedy clubs, and writing publications. Clubs definitely make a difference because you get to join a community of people from all walks of life. Even if you’re feeling down about one of your classes or annoying roommates, you have always have something to look forward to. Even though the semester just started, I’m having an amazing college experience and can’t wait for the real fun to begin.