Procrastination. It’s a word that we students are all too familiar with. We find every excuse not to do an assignment, study for a test, or any other task. Don’t get me wrong, I know that there are those times when we just have a lot on our plate; when the to-do list covers a couple of pages or requires a few flips. But, if we’re honest with ourselves, we know well that sometimes we just don’t want to get our heads in the books.

In high school, I fought quite well against procrastination. Like everyone, I was overcome by it every once in a while, but on the whole I was on top of my game and in tune with my studies. I managed my time well and really took advantage of the “six-hour school day, homework/study time, and then extracurricular activity” schedule. It felt normal, natural (it was actually mostly constructed by my mother, teachers, etc.).

As I’ve learned quite well, the story goes a little different in college. There is no one here to force your hand or keep you in check. (That is, if you don’t want there to be; you can always seek out an instructor or classmate to help keep you on your game.) There are those occasional, friendly reminders about assignments or what have you, but not always. Professors generally don’t go out of their way to force you to do assignments or study – let alone force you to even come to class. However, not doing assignments or habitually turning them in late and not going to class only hurts you. These things distance you from success.

Discipline. It’s a word that we students must get most familiar with if we earnestly want to reach success.  I’m still familiarizing myself with the word. It is definitely a struggle, but well worth it. I feel less stressed when I get all my work done in a timely manner. I actually have time to do the things that I enjoy – besides studying of course! But seriously, working hard becomes a lot easier when you manage your time well. It helps you appreciate what you study and honestly enhances your college experience.