Once again it is that joyous time of year to reapply for financial aid! I say that hesitantly because this year I have actually had more difficulties associated with the process of reapplying!
Generally, most schools require three separate applications– the FAFSA, the IDOC packet, and the CSS Profile. The first done through the federal government (fafsa.gov) and the latter are done through CollegeBoard.
As I mentioned earlier, this year I have had more difficulties associated with my financial aid application but the problem has to do with the CollegeBoard website. For those who have not visited the CollegeBoard page recently, like myself, CollegeBoard has changed the appearance of their website, which I think must have messed a few other things up as well.
And so, when I log into the CollegeBoard page I am listed as an “Education Professional,” which would be really cool if I was, but unfortunately I am not. After a few phone calls and a few new passwords, I was successfully logged into my account (hooray), only to be reminded how long the CSS Profile really is!
Nonetheless, financial aid is a crucial part of student life, and so no matter the difficulties we may face, we must keep on going because the struggles are all in hope of a better future!