Perhaps it’s the dominant football culture at the University of Georgia, but fall semesters are consistently invigorating and packed with excitement and frequent celebrations and breaks.

Conversely, spring semester seems to drag along. The unfamiliar, bitter cold and lack of breaks contribute to the lengthy spring semesters. However, spring break marks the monumental break for all students here.

I spent this spring break in Miami South Beach. This spring break was my first college spring break and definitely one to remember. I spent the break with friends I often do not get to see because of distance. It was great being on the beach and reconnecting with close friends. I also had the opportunity to meet other fellows in my internship program this upcoming summer.

Spring break serves as a break from cold climates and academic woes. For seven days or so, students get to avoid exams, collegiate peers and professors. The beach is not the only option for spring breakers. Often students spend their breaks on alternative spring break trips and mission trips. Some spring breakers choose to spend their break and colder climates to visit cabins or even leave the country.

Spring Break has gotten me pumped for the summer and I am now counting down the days until summer 2014. After spring break is the time to gear up into overdrive. It is now the time to perfect all grades and to save money until summer hits.