Given that my undergraduate days are almost over, I realized…most expect me to be an adult now. You know when you have that moment of slow, shocking revelation when something bad happens and you look around the room for the adult…and you realize that’s you. Or the time your little brother’s school administration accepted your signature on his detention sheet…meaning you’re considered old enough to be his legal guardian. I certainly don’t FEEL like an adult. I mean really, I still want to steal-did I say steal? I meant to say “re-purpose” a dining hall tray and sled down Memorial Hill. Despite possible dangers…like broken bones or a concussion…

Thinking on my “adult-hood” the next thought was…I don’t know how to do my taxes. I can cook, clean, make a decent latte and change car oil…but if I couldn’t understand what half the FAFSA was asking before, what makes anyone think I’ll understand now? I have to look into car insurance and I’m not quite sure what “one-way” insurance is. Then there’s managing finances. Living on a budget and saving money…they don’t teach that in high school anymore and I am SORELY wishing they did.

This is especially important to those of you who have classmates or roommates that aren’t as cost-conscious. Don’t let them become your enabler. Learn to stay in and enjoy yourself if your friends want to go out but you’re toeing your budget limit. Save your CVS/Target/etc. receipts that have coupons on them. I’m always surprised when I see other students throw them away. I’ve picked up coupon books at the campus center, looked through the newspapers adds for more coupons to use. Really, $5 off my next $20 purchase?  With $5, I can buy CHOCOLATE. I can’t think of a better reason to save money.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and I’m betting you wish you had that $5 right now.