As a first generation college student from a low-income household, I always have difficulty adjusting to the cost of my college education. Each year the cost of tuition; and room and board increases by approximately $3,000. Additional expenses, such as the cost of books and toiletries, may also be hard to overcome. However, there’s hope! Although, a college education is expensive, there are many ways to offset the cost:

  • Note to high school juniors and seniors: Start applying for scholarships before you graduate high school! Fastweb, Cappex, and College Prowler are all awesome websites to find and apply for scholarships suitable to your skills and interests!
  • When choosing a college, make sure it is accessible! (I.e. you do not have drive 25 miles to the nearest train stop!) Picking a school that is situated near transportation is always a plus!
  • Enjoy your college experience within your means! For example, do not go out to eat off-campus with your friends each weekend because that’s a sure way to go broke!
  • Lastly, once you have adjusted to your campus, find a job! We are all used to working; a part-time job does everyone some good!

Overall, the cost of a college education is not easy, but that’s okay because it’s an investment! College is worth cost because an investment in knowledge will always pay the highest return!