Happy New Year Everyone!

Although summer break is probably not anyone’s mind yet, it is very important to brainstorm your summer plans early on! It’s never too early to start the summer internship  hunt because organizations want to determine their seasonal employees months ahead.

As an example, before winter break I applied for an internship which I found through my university’s job board listings. Over winter break I actually received a phone call and interviewed with this organization! Although I am still awaiting their decision, because I applied early I was able to get the chance to interview as opposed to getting immediately denied or no response.

Overall, the message I wish to convey is to get full use of your university’s resources, which can help you make a ton of connections and launch your career path!

A few tips:

~Get a head start and search for summer jobs. Minimum four months in advance!

~Search your school job board listings, and visit your center for career development (or the equivalent)

~ Always have professional references that you can use when requested by potential employers. Also make sure that your references are aware of the position you are applying for and have a short bio of the position you are applying for. Minimum of three references.

Good luck everyone! Be sure to make your summer plans come true with the right preparation!