Getting in a relationship during college can be great. There’s the thrill of new love, friendship, chemistry, and fun. When you’ve found this great relationship the possibly that your school work will suffer is very real. We tend to want to go to the movies, stay for just 25 more minutes at your significant other’s dorm, and skip class to go to Panera Bread because the bagels are 1/2 off and you know your significant other LOVES them. While al these things are amazing and can help build a foundation for a successful relationship, you’re in school for a reason. You have to go to class, leave on time, and make sacrifices to accomplish the goals you set before entering college. If you feel that your significant other will not understand then maybe that person isn’t for you because if they were– they’d want to you succeed.

Now to be frank,  not all relationships last, so if your college relationship just ended there’s no need to transfer schools and move under a bridge. I know that ending a relationship wit someone you have sent everyday with can be tough; it hurts and you feel broken. Sometimes you feel like you;ll never get over the breakup. When I was broken up with I didn’t want to leave my bed. I thought that staying in was better than facing the world and possibly running into ‘him.’ But lets be real, my college has a little less than 2,000 in it.. I was bound to see him again and again… and again. I did see him again- everywhere I went- but I had to keep on with my day and so do you. Going to classes during a breakup doesn’t sound better than laying in bed watching Say Yes to the Dress, but it’ll be better for you in the long run. With going to classes and hanging with friends you’ll have a better chance of healing.

Sooo.. watch Say Yes to the Dress for now (since your Christmas break) and when school starts hit the floor running-, you’ll be glad you did!