And you don’t feel prepared for the new semester.

I mean, a week ago I was opening presents and hanging with my sisters– I can’t go back to school now.. I was just starting to enjoy myself.. Ugh..

Does anyone else feel that way?

Maybe you’d rather watch the entire series of Supernatural in your pajamas and not have to learn why ‘Wherefore art thou Romeo” actually means “Why are you Romeo” and not “Where are you Romeo.”

Did I lose you? Yeah, I thought I did. So how does one get ready for the new semester and 8am classes when your pajamas are still super cosy? I have no idea. I’m not there yet..

But there is one thing I do know– It’s okay not to feel prepared for school. You’re human.. it happens. I was telling my mom exactly what I am telling you now and she responded with, “When have you ever felt ready for school?” Of course my answer was “never.” And she quickly said.. and you’re about to be a senior.. See, you’re doing something right! You find your groove and by the end of 16 weeks you master it..

She’s right! I do master the groove for school.. and so will you! So enjoy the last couple days of break with some Supernatural and cozy pajamas..