Hey guys! It’s me again!

Since thanksgiving is approaching I want to share with you some of the things for which I am thankful. To start with, I am really thankful about my health. I may not be in a perfect shape but I am healthy enough to continue on my daily basis. There are people who suffer from different illnesses and diseases and I have been blessed to not worry about any.

Second, I am thankful for being able to attend college. Sometimes it gets really tough, but I always try to push through. I remind myself that not all people has the opportunity to receive an education and that I am privileged to study.

I am also thankful for my family. We are not be perfect but, who is? We have each other and that’s what, I think, really matters. I am thankful for my mom who willed to leave El Salvador to give my brother and I a better future here in the U.S. Otherwise, I would not be here writing this blog.

I am thankful for my brother that, regardless of his stubborn attitude, helps me not to feel lonely at home. I am thankful for my grandma because she has been always the best to me. She has listened, supported, and believed in my aspirations. I am also thankful for my father who for 18 years was not able to raise me but has always given me words of wisdom. Not to mention that he constantly reminds me how much he loves me and how proud he is of me. Without the love of my family things would not be the same. I would not be the strong girl that I am now.

I cannot forget about the teachers who played a very important role during my high school year to help me get to college:

Ms. Standish, who always helped me to think realistically about a higher education. Whenever I doubted I would make it, she was always confident that something would come up and work out for the better. It sure did! My best ally! My mentor!

Mr. Allen, my math teacher, who did not mind answering all the questions that I had in his Probability and Statistics class. He was very patient, kind, and creative in teaching concepts. He wrote one of my recommendation letters for college, and once I read it, I was pretty impressed of myself. I wonder if he meant each and every word he wrote.

Mr. Parikh, my English teacher. Although a newbie in teaching, but a great Georgetown graduate. Pretty transparent. He spoke of the struggles we, his English class, were likely to endure in college and the importance of excelling academically as well as personally in a college setting. He was very honest and that is what I liked the most.

Ms. Wallace, who helped me find scholarships. Without her, I would have gone crazy looking for money.

Lastly but not least, Mr. Contino, my favorite teacher! Someone who strangely understood my concerns. He respected my beliefs and taught me not only to understand Pre-Calculus concepts, but lessons for life. Unconsciously, he helped me cherish my life. Each and every moment of it.

However, above all! I am very thankful with God. Without Him, I would have not met all these people or even made it to college. Thanks to Him I have had the strength to persevere and I love it.

Sometimes we forget that we are imperfect and put too much pressure on ourselves. We forget about what really is important! Having a hard time looking for colleges or worrying about how to pay for college is only a part of our lives as students. The reward comes later. But the great things or people that we meet along the way deserve all of our thanking. Therefore, it is only right that I make mention of all these people that means so much to me. How about you? Have you thought about the people who has helped you in life? In school? Take a moment and think about that!
Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the turkey! 🙂

Truly yours,
Brenda Angulo