There are so many things that I am thankful for. In many ways, I considered myself to be privileged, well, blessed. When I think about where I’ve come from then look at where I am, I cannot help but smile thankfully. Considering the obstacles that I have faced along this tedious journey, I know well that there have been quite a few people that have taken the time to make all of this possible.

My family has definitely played an essential role in my success up to this point. Not only have my mother and my sisters been there to support me from day one, they have also motivated me in ways they cannot imagine. I’m thankful that each of them have allowed me to make mistakes and helped me to work through them and ensuring that I learn from them. I count it an honor to know such beautiful, virtuous women who push me to do better every day.

Furthermore, I’m thankful for my best friend. He know me, understand me, and still some how finds the nerve to put up with me. When all else fails he knows just what to say to either bring me down to size or build me up where I am lacking. I am so grateful to know a guy who can feel my pain, understand my struggles, and celebrate my accomplishments without pretense. Friends like this are few and far in between.

I truly thank God for the opportunity to be where I am in life and my academic career. I know that without His grace and mercy, none of this would be possible. The courage, audacity, and drive to do my best and be the best me I can be are rooted in Him. My boundaries, my limits are infinite and I am just thankful for the chance to push them even further.