5 more days until I am home for Thanksgiving break. Luckily, my school gets a full week off for the holiday and I cannot wait for the much needed break.

I have had an easy adjustment to college. However, I still get homesick.

I have not maintained all of my “friendships” from high school but I have remained in contact with my true friends from high school. Other than a high school gathering that may occur over the holidays with a large number of people from your high school or Facebook, it is unlikely that you will keep in contact with everyone you hung out with high school. And that is perfectly fine and to be expected. Distance is only natural but you’re true lifetime friends will never fade away. Maintaining long distance relationships now is easier than its ever been thanks to social networking, new mobile apps, Skype.

Going home is great because I can see the people I love and it also a brief escape form my job as an RA. Working where you live can be overwhelming but time management is key to creating a healthy balance. That’s why I am so excited for my time at home.

I do not find it tough to go back to living by rules set by your parents and it is relatively easy to adjust back to home life. The only difficult part for me is being able to focus on my school work. I get more work done while I’m at school than when I am at home on break.