Sometimes I sit in the library and I cannot help but question if I’m doing the right thing by being in college. You know, I’ve always wanted to go to college and I thought maybe if I attended I would know for sure if I wanted to be here, but the truth is, I really do not know. Should I be here?

Now, I’m sure, my, and as well as your, parents would quiver at the sound of us students saying that we didn’t want to be in college, but that should not stop you from exploring what you really want to do in life. What if you wanted to be an artist? Would yo have to spend one hundred plys hours in school taking math, science, history, and ohyscology classes? No, way. You would pick up your art brush and paint something beautiful. Does that mean the skill of your talent is diminished your lack of knowlege when it comes to squaring the square, or knowing if Abraham’s beard was a fake. You’ll never know until it’s over.

I have a teacher, a brilliant teacher who worked at my high school and he told me he figured out he didn’t want to be a business major when he had to fire a other of three kids because she was continously late for work. That was years after he graduated and was a manager at an eye glasses company. Seriously, how could he have known what he wanted to do at 18 when he started his career. Maybe, just maybe, we’re not supposed to know. Maybe we’re supposed to enter in a bunch of activities and organziations until onw of them strikes a cord in our heart..

But what if that day never comes? Have we failed? Have I failed to reach my purpose?

I guess I’ll never know until I’m older and I have a career..

Maybe you’ll find out way before I do. Either way, I hope you know that you’re not alone in thinking this isn’t what you want to do.. Well, whatever ‘this’ is.