When I moved into my dorm at IWU it was chaos! Students, parents, and boxes were everywhere! My mom helped me move it. She made my bed, moped the floor, and wiped down everything– and I mean EVERYTHING! I could remember thinking “How am I supposed to live in this little box?” But two years later I know living in the dorm was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I met the most amazing people in the dorms– Seriously, like all the girls I met in the dorm are amazing. The best thing about dorm life is the 2am laugh-attacks with your roommate. One night my roommate and I stood up to three am sharing stories and laughing. We were laughing so much that the girls next door came and knocked on the door because we were too loud; what a great day!

The other great thing about dorm life are the RA activities. You get to meet so many new friends and have cute little craft days! (What a plus!)

I love my room. It’s one of my favorite places. It has a lot of my personal style.. and I know your room will too!