Hello friends!

Sorry it’s been such a long time since I’ve blogged… I’ve had so much going on and I’m not entirely sure where to start… So, in early March, I got a concussion from rugby and have had such a hard time getting back to my normal self. I had to go on brain rest and got some time to just sit and sleep. After that, I still had trouble focusing and it took me much longer to get my work done but I did it! I just finished finals last week and I feel much better.

On Thursday, I leave for Peru. I am going to Peru for the next two months and am going to be teaching English and working with an AIDS center. I’m very excited to start my journey as a global citizen but I am also very nervous about the whole experience…

Honestly, I’m terrified.

I’m afraid I might mess something up and offend someone. I don’t know what their culture is like and literally have no idea what to expect. But honestly, I think that’s probably good for me. I’m trying not to plan excessively because I’m trying to understand that I cant prepare for everything- doing all this thinking has made me realize that this is exactly how I felt about coming to college.

Whether you get in, or not, realize it’s for the best. Things happen for a reason and you will find where you belong. It might not be easy and it might take time- but the best things are worth fighting for. When you get here, things will throw you off guard. You might not do as well on a paper as you’d hoped, but it’s not the grade that matters, but rather what happens afterward. What did you learn from it? How are you going to adapt and make things better next time? It’s a learning process and you might even learn more from your mistakes than from the things you did right.

I hope you have all found the right place for you and I know you must all be getting VERY excited! College is such a great time, and I promise it’ll work out for the best! Just keep on learning.