I came out of my high school with a 4.0 GPA and was one of the valedictorians for our graduation. I thought I was doing alright, balanced and well-rounded academically. I did well on my AP tests, and I thought that meant I’d be okay in college. Right?
I was so, so very wrong. Not meaning to scare everybody, but college is different. It’s harder, more competitive, and more challenging than high school. My high school had us take college courses at the local community colleges. They were so easy compared to the classes I’m taking now. My Physics course at community college didn’t even cover a fourth of the material and was nowhere near as difficult as the Physics class I am taking now.

There is definitely more reading and writing. Even if you’re a science major, expect to read science papers, critique them, and write research papers and lab reports. Those of you that think critical reading and writing skills are not important because you plan to major in science or math need to rethink that. Besides, your future employers would appreciate those skills.
Of course, even though I’m making college seem like all work and no fun, there is definitely time for it. To deal with the stress, I suggest clubs, of course. I mention this so many times, but try new things! I’m in the equestrian club although I had never ridden before. I love it! College is a place for new experiences and growth. Try a knitting club (I have no idea how to knit), or a cooking club, or a social justice or awareness club. It’s a chance to be social and learn at the same time. Provided your time-management skills are proficient, you’ll have no problem joining a club or two, or just finding time to yourself. Walks around campus, taking pictures of the chipmunk you saw dart into a bush, sitting on the grass somewhere and just having a picnic (…from food I took from the dining hall *ahem*) is enjoyable and relaxing too. Just remember, take some time for yourself. College is fast-paced so it’s easy to get caught up in the traffic and lose sight your well-being.