Hello Bloggers!

I know it’s around the time where you all are waiting for acceptance letters and yes, it sure is nerve racking. You’ve finally gone through all the time spent on applications, recommendations, standardized testing, and those pesky essay topics. Well, I would like to offer some things to keep in mind during the waiting season.

Stay Focused! – At this point you’ve done all you can do in regards to college applications. You still, however, are still a high school student. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT LET SENIORITIS SET IN NOW!!! If you let your grades slip and drop your GPA below a certain point, a college can rescind your admittance. All the hard work you’ve done can be thrown away if you become lazy. For those of you in advance placement courses, this is the time to really buckle down and study hard for those exams. Take the extra time to look over past topics. Organize study sessions with your fellow classmates. Doing well on those exams will be the ticket to advancing your career in college. Keep in mind if you applied to competitive schools, in order to skip basic freshmen classes, you need to score a 4 or higher. That means passing your exams with just a three may not get you anywhere. So study hard and continue to do well. Colleges want students who keep their academic integrity.

Scholarships! – Did you know that millions of dollars in scholarships are left unclaimed every year? There are hundreds of organizations with money to give to students but fail to do so because of a lack of applicants. Yes, the big scholarships could potentially pay for tuition but don’t count out the unforeseen expenses of books, meal plans, transportation, etc. There are tons of small scholarships that you can obtain that will cover those extra costs. Most only require a small 200-300 word essay. I know by now you are probably tired of writing essays, but isn’t a few more small essays and time worth money for school?

Have Fun! – Trust me, you will have so many great experiences in college. The freedom is phenomenal! But don’t belittle your last moments at a place you’ve probably spent your last four years at. If you can afford to, go to prom! Spend some time talking to your favorite teachers and thanking them for helping you get where you are. Organize a summer trip with your friends! This could be the last time you will ever see them. But most of all, stay safe. You don’t want to waste the rest of your future away because of a not so smart decision you made in the present.

I hope these things were of service to you all, my fellow first generation students. Hope you all are doing well and congrats in advance for your acceptance to whatever college you go to!