Waiting for responses from the schools I applied to was a pain in the hiney. One night, I dreamt that I had received an acceptance letter from Brown University. It was merely a dream. It felt so real though. What did this dream mean? Was it a sign? Was this my fate: Brown University? The next morning, I woke up and realized that decisions were being released. I waited and waited and waited. Finally, the emails crashed my inbox. I logged into the portal of each school I had applied to. I was only interested in responses from two schools: Harvard University and Brown University. Harvard – wait-listed. Brown – accepted. I cannot explain the joy felt. I felt relieved. I started screaming like a psychopath. My mom rushed into the room.

Mom: Estas loca? Are you crazy?

Me: I might be crazy, but Brown wants me! Brown wants me Mami!

Her tears and her embrace made this the perfect moment. Then I thought to myself, what if this is all a dream? They say that the extreme always seems to make an impression, so that is what I did. At night, I drove to the beach and ran into the ocean with my clothes on. The cold water pierced my bones. The goosebumps against my skin made me realize that this was not a dream. This was, without a doubt, reality. The wait had been worthwhile.

Although Harvard wait-listed me, I was not resentful. The more I live, the more I believe that what is meant to be will fall into place. My first-year experience at Brown attests to my belief. I belong here, just like you will belong in the campus you ultimately choose to attend.

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