Let me tell you about my recent encounter with love:

 Last fall, I met the love of my life: College. College loves me, but it hasn’t realized it. It loves me. It does! I guess you can think of me as a psychotic mujer who is obsessed with college! Hey, don’t blame me! college would make a wonderful partner due to the qualities it possesses.

The aforementioned qualities include:


My ex-partner, High School, lied to me! It was not honest about the academic rigor I would eventually encounter. What did I do? I sent it packing – I broke up with High School.

My transition from High School to College gave me a slap in the face. Fortunately, College was very honest from the beginning. It told me, “if you want to be with me, you will have to comply with reading thousands of pages, writing tons of essays, and sacrificing some sleep.”

I appreciate the honesty, College. (Sarcasm)


Did I mention College’s unconditional and irrevocable support? I love that it encourages me to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer. Not only does it provide encouragement, but it also provides me with resources. These include tutoring, advising, and learning.


Ah yes, the best part of our relationship. College exposes me to new ideas, new cultures, new people, and new experiences. This exposure humbles, allowing me to be tolerant of the different schools of diversity around me. Exposure is mutual, given that I have widened college’s understanding of what it means to be a first-generation student by sharing my darkest secrets.


By being with College, I can dictate my life. I have endless opportunities. I can workout, eat healthy, nap, study, and learn. I can be impetuous, vulnerable, committed, and passionate. College fosters this freedom. It is considerate of my needs as a mujer.

In short, College provides its unconditional love, which I need to subsist. I promise to bear the struggles we encounter in our relationship, because only College can prepare me to provide for my Latino community.

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