So this week has been pretty crazy and stressful for me. Research projects, classes, graduate school applications, and life in general has been building up and driving me crazy! As stressful as it has been, it has reminded me of something I often forget about. My relationships with faculty on my campus. In the last three days I have had three different professors tell me how great of a student and a person I am, and that no matter what life throws at me they know that I can conquer it all. In the madness of classes and preparing for life after graduation, I haven’t gotten the chance to think about the fact that I’m leaving in just a few short months. My campus has become my home the last four years, the people at the University, faculty and students alike, they have become my family. I am a different person today then I was four years ago and it is because the support and love that I have found here on my campus. Life is a constant rush, don’t forget to slow down and enjoy what you have around you, you would be surprised with the difference it makes.