So last semester finally ended, and I am sooo excited for the new one to begin! Last semester, I got all my first choice classes and I am lucky enough to say the same thing about my upcoming semester. I met many interesting professors, had various thoughtful conversations, and worked REALLY hard in classes…. Maybe too hard. If that’s possible. But what happened to me last semester is that I spent everything bit of time I had studying. Sometimes I would choose flashcards over phone calls, express lunch over sitting down with a new group of people. And that was a mistake.

Don’t get me wrong; I am at college to get a proper education. But I’m also there to create a network of friends, discover new things about myself, and to build lifelong relationships with people. So my goal for the next semester is to branch out socially. Be more open-minded to all the different friend groups, join more clubs, and get more involved! I am excited for the rigorous coursework and I know where my priorities lay, but I am more than ready to step outside of my comfort zone and learn more socially! I am so excited to have come to this realization because after all, that’s what life is about, right? Learning how to make things better. And although I had a great first semester, I am prepared to have an even better second semester!

Now, to those of you still deciding on where to go for school next year, I want to make it simple for you. Here’s my advice: keep it simple. Know what you want: do you want a big school, athletics, a diverse population? Think about the things that are important to you. Then, find a school that matches what you find important. And here’s the thing… when you find that school, YOU WILL KNOW. That sounds ridiculous, and almost too simple. But that’s really all it should be. Because if it’s the perfect school for you, you will simply know; there will be no questioning, doubting, or wondering. You’ll just know.


Now before I close, I would like to say one last thing. We all know New Year’s just passed and everyone is trying to stick to his or her resolutions (we see it especially at the gym hahaa). Call me crazy, but I made NO resolutions. I don’t believe in them. It’s not that I don’t believe in change, or creating goals for yourself, because believe me, I definitely believe in personal growth. My problem with resolutions is that it is a predetermined date for people to say that they will start changing themselves. But simply because it is a new year does not seem like a proper reason to change. I believe that if you are aware that things need to change, start today. This can be today, tomorrow, or in November. You don’t need a specific date or event to demand change in your life. You control when you will change and how you will change, if you really want to. But if you want to change, you can start any day.


Start today.