In 2011, I did not have a Christmas. I wish I could have enjoyed the holiday with my family. But instead, I spent the whole time working on my college applications. Ah yes, I remember as if it were yesterday. As the days progressed, I had more essays to write and less time to work with.

Like all of you, I started my college applications early. I tried to match with several colleges/universities through QuestBridge. My top choice – Brown University. Unfortunately, I was not matched. Huge downer, right? I locked myself in a dark room and was never seen again. Just kidding. Instead of being sad, I resorted to plan B!

Tangent: good thing to know – be cautious and have multiple plans, in case the first one fails.

Back to the story…

My plan B was to apply to the same schools through Regular Decision. I ended up applying to 28 schools. Only a nutcase applies to 28 schools because, if you think about it, you end up choosing ONE school. If I could do it again, it would be different. Instead of applying to 28, I would apply to 10 schools. That way, I would do a thorough job with the applications. Don’t get me wrong – I am content with the outcome. I am about to begin my second semester at Brown and I couldn’t be any happier.

Waiting for colleges/universities to respond seems like an eternity! Am I right or am I right? In the meantime, just forget. I am sure that your applications were flawless and that you will do great.

Next step: SCHOLARSHIPS. Apply! Apply! Apply!

There is so much monetary aid available to students like us: passionate, first-generation students. Work smarter, not harder – recycle the essays you wrote for college applications. If you need a list or if you need help editing, email me: Start with applying to CSO’s scholarship.

Good luck!

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