This year, I’ve made my decision. I will stand firm. I will be brave. I will stop ordering so much wings…and cheap Chinese food. I will stop being a glutton and start eating correctly. I made the same resolution last year, actually. But this year, I resolve to actually stick to it. Hopefully my next post won’t be about me giving in. (My friend says give it a week into the semester.)

About three years ago, around this time, I was actually filling out about 15-17 (I don’t remember the exact number) college applications.  Why? Because I was actually scared senseless about not having any choices. And all of them just HAD to have supplements. I know many of you guys out there are having that fear right now. I also know that although teachers and everyone else will tell you you’re overreacting or just worrying too much and it’ll all be okay, their words do NOT comfort you very much. So, instead, I say, good luck! Don’t burn yourself out and remember to sleep! This is good practice for all the papers you’ll need to write in college! Maintaining a healthy eating and sleeping schedule while juggling classwork will be one of your biggest challenges in college.

Now to the  best part of this month. As for me, I’ve started out this semester by volunteering at the Children’s Hospital in Oakland. I’ve always wanted to be a pediatrician, and instead of sitting at a desk all day, I visit and play with children! I get to hold and coo at babies, visit patients in their rooms, and watch the hospital staff run about at their jobs. My reward for my time with the kids? Beautiful bead bracelets and hugs full of appreciation. It’s an eye-opening experience. It’s one thing to know that children can get sick and a whole other thing to truly realize that these children are in pain, and sometimes cannot convey it. Pain doesn’t come only from sickness or disease either, so I’ve seen firsthand that it takes a lot of patience and diligence to understand the source of a child’s suffering. To the doctors and staff at Children’s, I have nothing but the utmost respect. And it’s renewed my desire to become just like them. I totally recommend volunteering at a hospital that allows volunteers to interact with patients for those of you interested in this field.