Hello everyone,

In this blog I simply wanted to address those who have been especially hard hit  by Hurricane Sandy, my heart goes out to you all!

Although I study in Boston, I am originally from New York, and so I am aware of how hard the storm hit the state and the neighboring states!

Many areas of the borough my family lives in (Queens) were deeply affected.  To those in Breezy Point, my heart goes out to you!

I took a trip to NY this past weekend to assess the damage, and it is quite brutal.  The lower side of Manhattan is completely without power. Residents and commuters could only find their way by use of flashlights and flares the police had set up! Imagine the city that never sleeps, half dark!

Moreover, the transportation system, one of the largest, if not the largest in the world, was in essence shut down!

Finally, the lines for gas reached over a mile long; both the lines for cars and people stretched far and wide, with the price for gas at  an estimated five dollars a gallon!

It is clear that Hurricane Sandy  did much damage to my home state, but New Yorkers are tough, so I know they can hold their own ground!

Stay strong NY!