Dear Friends,

I’m excited to welcome you to I’m First.

From our student bloggers to countless conversations with colleagues and partners who themselves are first-generation colleges graduates, one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in the six years since we founded Center for Student Opportunity is the power of story and personal experience to encourage and influence students in their pursuit of college—especially those students who don’t have a family history of higher education.

Now It’s Your Turn. Join the I’m First Community!

I’m First is a new online community founded by Center for Student Opportunity to provide first-generation college students with support, advice and encouragement on the road to and through college.

We invite first-generation college graduates, and students who will be, to take the I’m First pledge and share your story to inspire and encourage the next generation of students who will be the first.

Schools and organizations that support first-generation college students are also invited to take the pledge and help spread the word.

Stay Tuned…

Coming soon to I’m First, aspiring first-generation college students, and those who advise them, will also be able to create an account and build a profile, find valuable information about colleges and their programs for first-generation college students, ask questions and get answers to all things college-related, and follow the student blog featuring 36 current first-generation college students.

We hope you enjoy the site.