ashley-85Considering that I am starting the second semester of my junior year, there are many things that I should have in order by now. These things include my study habits, my goals and expectations for and from my classes and my school. There are many routines that I have. Saying that, I have realized that the last few years I have been very closed minded when it came to the world, the classes I wanted to take and what I was going to do with the knowledge that I was learning. My new goal for me this year is to open my mind to other possibilities. Realizing that the next few semesters, I can take whatever classes I want to take because I got all my requirements out of the way early on, I really plan on embracing that goal. Classes that I thought would be boring or unhelpful, I am giving a second chance.

In three very short semesters, I plan on being in grad school with a concentration, ready to start my adult life. This really is my chance to open my eyes to all the other possibilities out there, and while yes it may not be too late for me to change my ultimate life goal, I don’t plan on that happening. I know what I want to do, and on that journey I have learned the importance of knowing things other that what I plan on doing the rest of my life. Never give up on your goals and dreams, but please broaden your horizons, you never know what passion you might find.