irvin-85If you have read my posts from last year, you probably remember how winter term was a really rough time in terms of academics. Despite my efforts, physics was beyond my understanding and so I had to drop engineering as a major. But all of that is in the past, and the beauty of it is that there are always second chances. And well, here I am at the beginning of winter term 2012 with flashbacks of how tough last year was but with a different skill set, the skill set brought forth by experience.

I am now a sophomore and the experience that comes with that is going to be very valuable in making this winter more successful than last. I have acquired better study tactics, better note-taking skills and learned that the best way to learn is to talk about what I am learning. The Northeast winter is brutal and takes a toll on the psychological aspect of a student but what I know this time around is that the company of your friends is invaluable. This, in combination with the desire to make this a better term than last year, I am sure, will result in a more fulfilling intellectual experience.

For this winter term, I have a couple of goals. First off, I want to learn as much as I can from my classes. I am taking the courses that I am interested in (International Politics, Jurisprudence and a seminar on Writing Poetry) and thus, I feel excitement (as weird as that sounds) to do the assigned work for these classes. Another goal is to obtain an internship in Chicago, working with immigrants and refuges. Thirdly, I want to go skiing for the first time in my life. Fourthly, I want to solidify the friendships that I already have and make memories with friends that I know will be with me for the rest of my life.

So here is to a successful winter of 2012 and to an unforgettable year!

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