longd_ornamentThe Center for Student Opportunity has showed me that college is definitely a possibility for first generation college students. I come from a low socioeconomic background and it was an incredible struggle to try and pay for college. But thanks to the CSO scholarship I was able to attend Williams College without having to pay anything in my first year. I am incredibly thankful that I don’t have to worry about finances. Instead, I can focus solely on how to adapt and excel here at Williams.

The Center for Student Opportunity is an amazing resource to me. Every time I felt discouraged while applying to college I would read CSO blogs because they motivated me to continue the process. I can relate to all these first generation college students and their struggles. CSO showed me that it is possible to succeed and be a world citizen even if I am the first in my family to go to college.

The Center for Student Opportunity provides a community for students who are applying to college. The students who are a part of CSO are going to prosper and grow program. Furthermore, the students who are a part of this community will grow as individuals, obtain life experiences, and in turn contribute to their communities. Support for CSO would provide more opportunities for students to succeed in college. As a result these students will positively contribute to society.



Please donate to Center for Student Opportunity this holiday season and help underserved, first-generation college-bound students in their pursuit of college.