jenny-85“Yeah, I’m going to double major and do Black studies and Chemistry, since I love both and I can’t seem to choose,” a friend tells me. “I’m going to have to take five classes, so I’m going to be busy all of next semester… So Jenny, I hear you’re going to major in biology?”

Double major? Five classes? As if juggling four classes wasn’t already hard enough! I admit, at the time, I was considering it. Sounds nice to introduce yourself, “I’m double majoring in anthropology and biology. Yeah, no biggy. Just taking a lot of classes.” That WOULD feel awesome, right? Relating something you’re learning in bio and bringing it up in anthropology and then having your peers argue and discuss your topic. New levels of awesomeness.

So I rush over to my advisor and ask him what he thought about a double major. “…You remember you’re pre-med right? Are you going to get a career in anthropology?” Oh yeah. Nope, not in anthropology.

“And you know…you don’t have to major in something to take classes in that department.” And he was right. Why was I so caught up with double majoring when I could just take the classes I’m interested in instead of spending all of my time chasing after the OTHER major requirements when I already have my hands full? I like biology and anthropology, but I want to take a religion course, another English course, and that one gender studies class…and if I spend my time chasing after requirements that I’m not sure I’ll enjoy…I lose my chances to take those classes! No. Not happening. What now?

Well, the advice I’ve gotten from upperclassmen? Make a list of all the classes you want to take. Which major do they fall under? The major with the most classes you want is now your new major. Enjoy!