shaun-85My second year at W&L is everything that I expected it to be: fun, exciting, and quite a bit harder than last year! My classes (*cough* microeconomic theory) have been extremely challenging. Besides microeconomic theory, I’m currently taking health economics, Spanish literary analysis, and statistics. I plan to declare my double major in economics and romance languages later this year. For my romance languages degree, we have to choose a language emphasis and a secondary language; I have chosen Spanish and Italian respectively, and am working with the financial aid and study abroad office to plan my winter term in Italy next year! I am very lucky that W&L has excellent financial aid that they translate over to study abroad programs.

I’m continuing with many of the activities that I was involved in last year, such as the GLBT Equality Initiative, the Adopt-a-Classroom Literacy Campaign, and my sorority. This term I’ve also been volunteering at a local daycare called Yellow Brick Road—it’s so much fun to help take care of and play with the preschoolers! My living situation is also amazing this year: instead of living in the sorority house, I chose to live in one of W&L’s on campus apartments. I get my own room and my three apartment-mates and I share a bathroom, common room, and kitchen. It’s been lovely to cook dinner for myself! I really like how it’s possible to live in a totally different location each year at W&L. We begin in traditional freshman dorms, and then have the option to move to Greek housing or on-campus apartments, and then we can live off-campus our last two years. It’s refreshing to have the freedom to make your own decisions and it’s beneficial to gain experience in renting and paying utility bills before graduating college!

Following up my last post, I finished my summer job as a tour guide for the W&L admissions office on an extremely positive note. I am grateful to have soaked up so much knowledge about the admissions process. That said, if any of you readers are interested in knowing more about applying to Washington and Lee (I am particularly well-versed in scholarship information!), please leave a comment below. I can help organize visits to campus, put you in touch with students of similar interests, or field any questions about applying to college that you might have!