Hey CSO family,

I hope the school year has gone well for you all because this semester has surely been a whirlwind of change for me. First and foremost the start of my sophomore year has been an incredible experience. I am currently residing in my fraternities’ chapter house (Beta Theta Pi). When asked about living in a fraternity house, I tell people that I have the honor of living with 35 of my best friends at Miami.

My course load has been challenging to say the least. I have realized that my classes this year require a little more studying, a little more reading, and a little more effort in order to make the desired grade. Nevertheless, I am up for the challenge that Miami is offering and I am looking to thrive in this new academic environment.

Academics have saddled me with a hefty workload but as I have stated in previous posts: “Extracurricular activities are necessary to supplement the academic side of college”. If you have never read any of my blogs, there is one critical thing you should know: I LOVE MIAMI UNIVERSITY. I enjoy every component of this institution and as a student/future alumnus I want this university to thrive for many years to come. Thus, I have made it my mission to insert myself in areas where I can have a small impact on the whole. Just recently I was appointed by the Governor of Ohio to sit on the highest governing board here at the University. The position allows me to be a strong advocate for the student perspective.

As you start your own college experience remember to engage yourself in the place that will become home.

This school year is off to a great start and as I learn new lessons this year, expect a full update. Also feel free to give me your questions or even some general comments on your own experience thus far.