nahomi-85My first impression of college life was nothing like what I expected! For starters I did not expect there to be as many activities as there actually are every week!! Just to give a few examples, the Terrier Tailgate, Sammy Dodge Ball and Young the Giant were all events that happened in the same week!

Secondly, I did not expect there to be so much food, everywhere! Everywhere you turn, there is food! Have you heard of the infamous freshman 15? Well in my case it is referred to as freshman 30!

Aside from all the food there is here, there are also some interesting things which I may never get used to. Here’s a for instance, the “B.U. lingo”- I suppose somewhere around the bend someone just gave up and decided to abbreviate everything! Now I would not mind the abbreviations if only a few things were shortened, however everything is abbreviated at B.U. (oh gosh now even I’m doing it); I’m a freshman it gets confusing ha-ha! Not to mention some of the abbreviations are just pointless. For example, the university provides free shuttle bus service across campus, and because it is called the Boston University Shuttle, the students feel the need to abbreviate it B.U.S for short. However, how is a freshman supposed to know the difference between the BUS and the bus?!? That is why I am putting an end to this madness by advocating amongst my fellow brethren that we refer to the BUS as the shuttle and the regular bus remain the regular bus! Problem solved! 

Ok, ok that was rather long I know, but on a lighter note, college dorming is awesome!! In my case, I live in a quaint brownstone and have two roommates, both international! One of whom is French and the other Chinese! I never really realized how far developed other countries are in terms of education until I met my roommates! For instance, my French roommate speaks French, English, Spanish and German, all fluently of course and is now venturing on to take Russian! While my Chinese roommate speaks Chinese, Japanese and Spanish fluently! All I have left to say is… I need to step up my game ha-ha!

All in all, college is a great experience. With all the freedom here, one is really able to showcase his individuality as well as meet many great individuals from all different backgrounds and heritages!