lot-85Hello CSO family,

With my summer dwindling down to its last moments I wanted to share some of my experiences with all of you. This summer’s mission was simple: Stay Active. In summers past I would typically hold one job and do nothing else, but this year I wanted to be in a constant state of motion. Therefore this summer I held a series of odd jobs to make money, interned in US Senator Sherrod Brown’s office, and volunteered at a Politics and Government camp.

Odd Jobs: My main focus going into this summer was excelling at my internship. Therefore I could not afford to take on a full time job. Finding something part-time and flexible was key. In high school I worked at my local Dairy Queen and it’s a place that would fit into my schedule. On top of that I worked for Student Painters alongside one of my fraternity brothers. Finally I ended up transcribing videos for some company in Atlanta, Georgia. To say the least I have been all over the place in terms of finding some sort of revenue stream.

Internship: As a Political Science major it’s of the upmost importance that I have relevant work experience and network with those currently in the political arena. My internship in Senator Sherrod Brown’s office has allowed me to take a close look at how our elected representatives interact with the constituents and how they react to constituent request. Another benefit of this internship is the valuable mentoring I received from the staffers in the office.

Volunteering: I can’t sympathize with everyone but I can sympathize with those who I share commonalities with. This summer I returned to a program that has made a profound impact on my life: American Legion Buckeye Boys State. The program is a Leadership and Government camp that exposed me to some of the most intellectual minds in the state of Ohio. The 9 days I spent at that camp helped guide me on the trajectory I am on today and with such an impact the camp made on me I felt obligated to do the same for other students.

With the summer drawing to a close for all of us, ponder over your own experiences. Have you utilized the time to your benefit? I would like to know.